Professional Demolition Contractors in Dallas, TX

Tear down your home or garage by choosing our demolition contractors in Dallas, TX. With our services, you can complete your new construction or remodeling project easily. We even provide dumpsters and compactors to help you save money and time. No matter what your demolition requirements, we comply with them to get your job done right.

Commercial & Residential Services

If you have a demolition project that you need to be handled, let ORR Disposal & Demolition do it for you. We have the expertise in both construction and law to successfully finish your job. With many years of industry experience, we have the training to provide demolition services for residential and commercial clients:

• Structural
• Interior
• Industrial

• Burnt Out Building Removal
• Swimming Pool Removal

• And More

Demolition Company - Dallas, TX

Waste Removal - Dallas, TX

Although we specialize in demolition, our professionals have the skills to assist you in other areas. These services include:

• Tank Removal
• Asbestos Removal
• Excavation & Site Work
• Building Separation
• Metal Building
• Dismantling Grading